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To consider the components of design is essential for an accurate corporate image creation. This website has been made to fill a gap in this issue. All the information found on the Internet, at universities and schools is intended for designers, to inform and teach them so that they can do a good job. But guidelines always highlight the need for clients to take part in the creation activity by giving their opinion, objecting, agreeing and suggesting ideas. But, how can clients choose or suggest things about something they don't know? This is the aim of this website: here you, the designer's client, will learn how to analyze a design job and what to take into consideration for you make good decisions.

Our aim is to provide you with the necessary information so that you get to know what is really important. However, we don't expect you to become an expert in design since that is the designer's job. By explaining some about graphic design and web design in a friendly way, we'll help you acknowledge what's necessary for you to make the right decisions that will later materialize into quality designs that will highly enhance your company's image.

But why is it important to acknowledge all this? Isn't enough to hire a designer? Actually, this is not enough since a design job requires the client's ACTIVE participation. This doesn't mean that you must leave behind your personal and working life. It means that the client should give some time and energy to the job to make decisions about the project and to provide general guidelines. In other words, the designer's job is to materialize ideas. To materialize the client's ideas into graphic objects that will make up a website, corporate logo, etc. The designer can't create the concept, ideas, etc. This is the client's duty. Without a concept to follow, the production process will become really hard for the person in charge of the image as he will feel lost. The right thing to do is for the client to give precise, detailed, exemplified and easy to follow preliminary directions about what he wants. Of course, this is not an easy job for the client, and this is why we are here to help you.

On every section that make up this website you will find information about the most important aspects of a design job process and the aspects you as a client should take responsibility of personally. We recommend reading every section in the given order as they are arranged in an instructive way: subject complexity increases progressively. However, every section has been written in a way so that they can be read independently, in case the user decides to read only one of them in particular. For those who want to opt for this alternative, here we provide a summary of each section.

Logo Design: this section deals with the basic aspects of the development of the most important element of a company's graphic image. Here you will find a brief history review and some previous considerations about the subject.

Types of Logos: it deals with the three existing different types of logos. Each one of them has a specific morphology that characterizes it and a series of advantages and disadvantages. We provide you with this information for you to see which one of them brings you more benefits.

Web Design: in this section we deal with the fundamental features of web design and websites main characteristics.

Website Functions: this section explains what corporate websites are for. We provide information about the three basic functions of websites for you to know them and be able to take the most advantage of them.

We welcome you to this website intended for clients. We really want to thank you for choosing us to help you with this difficult task. We hope you find the information provided useful and invite you to join us to navigate this website designed for you.

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